The 5 Best Turntables Under $1000: 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

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Best Turntable Under 1000

Vinyl’s comeback is complete. The fact that vinyl produces a superior sound is now common knowledge across practically the entire population – and with the resurgence of affordable turntables the vinyl game is now stronger than ever.

But it is important to note that vinyl music still has a very strong place with audiophiles and disk jockeys specifically.


While some cheaper machines are directed towards those individuals entering the vinyl game for the first time, there are still many turntables targeted towards the more serious listeners – of which produce absolutely incredible sounds and offer extreme construction quality.

Now, you might find yourself asking what the difference is between, say a 300 dollar machine and a 1000 dollar machine?

And I would argue there is a big difference…

With budget machines you tend to sacrifice something to provide higher quality elsewhere. This may mean sacrificing both durability and aesthetic appeal to maximise sound quality. But with these higher end machines, you get all of it.

These machines also come with much better components, that are often isolated and interchangeable, meaning that you can upgrade and change them as you see fit (not that you would need to). This ultimately means much higher sound quality, greatly improved performance, and reduced vibration.​

But the issue is there are many high quality turntables in this price range (in which many are great options). And it is for this reason that I have done all the work for you, finding the 5 best turntable’s for under 1000 bones available on the market today.​

Product Summary

Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon

Offering a seriously unique and modern design, the RPM 3 Carbon is a quality product that looks absolutely stunning. Designed using incredibly high quality carbon fibre, this machine is built to last. This is combined with high quality components that produce an incredible sound, making it a fantastic option for the serious DJ who wants an excellent looking machine.

Music Hall MMF 5.1 turntable

The MMF 5.1 is one of the few turntables on the market that offer a double plinth design – this means that it consist of two platforms that are separated by a rubber spring. The lower platform holds all the electronics while the upper platform holds the vinyl record. This guarantees high quality playback with literally no interference.

Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable

The Pioneer PLX-1000 is built with the serious DJ in mind. This is a seriously high end machine that has been built using quality parts and with extreme durability. The result is a machine that can be taken anywhere, and handle absolutely anything you throw at it.

Rega RP3 Turntable

Opting for a more minimalistic design, the Rega RP3 is absolutely incredible to look at – and arguably more importantly –has a sound to match. Using some seriously high quality parts, this machine produces an incredible sound that would be suitable for both the serious audiophile and the gigging DJ.

Denon DJ VL12 Turntable

Denon has become synonymous with quality turntables, and their high end machine is no different. The VL12 is designed with the serious DJ in mind, built from the ground up by Denon with the intent to be the perfect DJ turntable – it uses seriously durable pieces and high end internals to create a great option for those serious about their music.

Comparison Table

Reviews Of The 5 Best Turntables (Under 1000)

1. Pro-Ject RPM 3 Carbon

Project are a company that have somewhat revolutionised the viny industry in recent years, continuing to push the bounds of turntable technology, while also opting for unique and exciting designs – and this is paramount in the RPM 3.

The first thing you notice is the unique and minimalistic design. It is incredibly compact and simple in concept, offering a light weight machine that packs a huge punch. Designed with a high quality carbon fibre S-shaped tonearm and an Ortofon 2M Silver moving magnet cartridge, the sound on this thing needs to be heard to believe. The bass is solid and very well controlled, while the treble is clear and concise.

As a bonus, this machine is easy to set up, looks absolutely fantastic, has great sound quality, and (due to its small size) is incredibly easy to transport around. This has been coupled with quality materials and excellent construction– a great option for the audiophile looking for an upgrade.

What we liked

  • Unique and minimalistic design
  • Great sound quality
  • Super Portable

What we didn’t like

  • May not be suitable for the gigging DJ

2. Music Hall MMF 5.1 turntable

The Music Hall MMF 5.1 turntable is a two speed belt driven turntable that has been designed with the highest quality in mind. This particular machine has been built using a fantastic pro-ject tonearm, a dynamically balanced platter, special vibration dampening feet, and with the unique dual-plinth construction discussed above.

So what does this mean for you?

The sound quality on this thing is through the roof.

Seriously, due to its unique design there is almost zero distortion or interference, resulting in one of the clearest, cleanest, and purist, sounds on the market.

This has been combined with high construction durability and an excellent looking finish, resulting in one of the best options on the market today. Absolutely perfect for those who want the best sound money can buy.

What we liked

  • Amazing sound quality
  • High quality parts
  • Looks fantastic

What we didn’t like

  • Heavy construction may limit portability

3. Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable

There are a vast number of direct drive DJ friendly turntables on the market at the moment, most of which offer a verity of features to improve usability and sound quality. With this in mind, it has been argued that the vast majority of these have lost the feel associated with the famous turntables of bygone eras – opting for fancy features over anything else.

Which is where the PLX-1000 comes in.

This machine has been designed with the classics in mind. While at first look the PLX-1000 may appear somewhat unexciting, on closer inspection you can see it has opted for a simple look that replicates the famous turntables of the 90’s. This is coupled with a completely analogue signal path, which creates a fantastic retro sound.

This machine is also a beast, offering some serious construction quality that has been combined with incredible performance – this turntable will last a long time and handle all the nightclub gigs you can throw at it.

A fantastic option of the gigging DJ you misses the famous options of the 90s.

What we liked

  • High Durability
  • Great sound
  • Excellent performance

What we didn’t like

  • Lack of features may not suit everyone

4. Rega RP3 Turntable

The Rega RP3 is one of the newer evolutions of the Rega Planar 3 (arguably the model that put Rega on the map, so to speak), taking all the great things we loved from previous models and building upon them, making them better and more streamlined.

Created using a simple, sleek, and minimalistic design, the RP3 is extremely attractive to look at.

This simplistic build has resulted in the main bearing, the tone arm, and the motor all being mounted on a single solid plinth, which is supported by three solid rubber feet. While this is common among many turntables, this does mean that this machine will always sound best on a level, dedicated support of sorts – which means it may not be the best option for trashy DJ decks.

Despite this, the sound on this machine is incredible, demonstrating great balance, improved clarity, and stronger dynamics, all leading to a crystal clear sound on a machine that has some highly durable construction.

Arguably the best option on this list if you are after a dedicated lounge room player.​

What we liked

  • Sleek minimalistic design
  • Great sounds quality
  • High durability

What we didn’t like

  • May not be suitable for the gigging DJ

5. Denon DJ VL12 Turntable

Built with the intent to be a perfect professional turntable, the Denon VL12 screams quality. It has been constructed entirely out of heavy duty metal, ensuring incredible durability – seriously, this machine will be able to handle anything you throw at it (and anywhere you take it).

This option has four special isolated feet, which ensures that it can resist any vibration from practically any source and in any location. This greatly reduces the likelihood of hearing ANY distortion at all, increasing the quality of sound tenfold. This has been coupled with a fully isolated motor and an adjustable pitch range from +8-50%, both of which lead to a unique and individualised sound – with no interruptions.

This machine is designed with the intent to be taken to gigs and thrown around in the back of vans (not literally speaking).

With unquestionable durability and an extremely high sound quality, the denon Vl12 is an excellent option for you serious disk jockeys out there.

What we liked

  • Heavy duty design
  • Perfect for gigging
  • Incredible durability

What we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t look that appealing

Value Section

I do honestly believe that the five options on this list genuinely offer the five best turntables available on the market for under 1000 dollars, but I do also realise that within this price range there are many other fantastic options out there – and somewhat different to budget machines, the vast majority of turntables within this price bracket offer great quality.

But with this in mind, there are still some important tips that are worth following if you are looking for a high quality turntable around a 1000 dollar price point.

Don’t settle for less: Within this price range you should be able to get a machine with high durability, great sound quality, and that looks amazing – not just one of the three. So make sure that the machine ticks all these boxes and that you don’t settle for less.

Feel free to be picky: If you are after a machine that looks a specific way, then wait until you find that machine. You will not see a sacrifice in sound quality if you are after a specific looking machine within this price range, so take your time and get exactly what you want.

Buy to your sound: while the vast majority of machines within this price range should offer excellent sound quality, there will be small difference in the actual sound from one machine to the next. This means that you may like the sound of one machine more than another. If this the case, take your time and listen to different machines until you find one that suits you perfectly.

Chase your need: Now this is a little obvious, but still requires some reiteration. If you are after a pro DJ deck, then find a high quality deck designed to be used and abused. If you are after a sleek home machine to listen to your vinyl records, then opt for a machine that looks nice and sounds great. You should be able to find something that suits you perfectly, so do so.

With all this in mind, it should not be too difficult to find an excellent option within this price range – although I would argue that one of the turntables on this list would fill your needs perfectly.


Now, the part that you have all been waiting for. As I have mentioned, each of the machines on this list offer fantastic options, some of which are suited to different markets specifically. For those looking for a gigging turntable specifically, I would suggest that the Denon VL12 is probably your best option.

But for those looking for a great all round machine then it’s impossible to look past the Music Hall MMF 5.1. This machine is an absolute beast, offering unparalleled sound quality and extremely high durability, you seriously can’t go wrong.

Absolutely perfect for the seriously audiophile, this machine will blow you away. With practically zero distortion you will not find a clearer sound – and not to mention this particular turntable also looks incredible. It is hands down the best turntable for under 100 dollars available today.

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