The 3 Best Turntables For Sampling – 2017 Reviews And Top Picks

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best turntable for sampling

Sampling is an integral part of making music that all decent DJs delve into at one time or another. Sampling itself is an awesome way to breathe new life into old songs from bygone eras, allowing you to create unique and memorable sounds that are truly your own.

And while you could take samples from CD’s or MP3’s, there would be a significant lack of quality associated – which would negatively affect your sound in a BIG way. Which is why investing in a turntable made specifically for sampling vinyl is hands down your best option.


This will ensure that we still get the quality, authentic sound of vinyl records – which can be layered over our own beats, creating a unique and un-replicable sound.

This also means that you will need to invest in a turntable that has the capacity to sample records. It is also important that this same turntable is durable, has a high degree of construction quality, and samples music to a decent sound quality.


Now I am very aware that the market has become somewhat saturated with a number of different turntables, produced by a host of different brands, while coming in at various price ranges – so much so that it can become extremely difficult to know where exactly to start.

Which is why I have done the groundwork for you. In this article I will outline the pros and cons of a number of turntables – with specific emphasis on their sampling capabilities – to bring you the most comprehensive list on the best turntables for sampling.

Product Summary


Numark PT01

The Numark PT01 is one of the cheapest options on this list – but don’t let that deter you. It is a belt driven turntable that samples music at a high quality straight onto your computer. Both the turntable itself, and the software that comes with it, is extremely easy to use – which makes sampling your records an incredibly easy task.

Pro-Ject Debut

Coming in at a slightly higher price point than some others on the list, the Pro-Ject Debut turntable is a fantastic mid-range option.

It samples music at an extremely high quality, and has extremely high durability (which is an honest representation of its construction quality). This turntable in particular is a pleasure to look at, using a sleek and minimalistic design.

Reloop RP-2000

The RP-2000 comes directly from Reloop’s professional range. Reloop themselves are relatively new to the DJ game, but don’t let that put you off. They offer products with extremely high sound quality, combined with a decent construction quality.

This model in particular is ideal for sampling as it offers an extremely accurate start mechanism – meaning you get your samples at the exact time points you want them.

Reviews Of The Best Turntables For Sampling

1. Numark PT01

The Numark PT01 is a completely portable turntable (which can run on both batteries and through an AC adapter) that can sample vinyl directly onto your computer - anywhere and at any time. The PT01 is an extremely affordable option that allows you to sample music using the simple software provided – making the entire process effortless and pain free.

Considering the price tag associated, this turntable samples at a reasonable sound quality. It is important to note that this comes with a slight drop in construction quality (which is to be expected with the price) – so treat it gently.

This particular model also comes with an internal speaker, allowing you to listen to work as you go. A great option for those on a tight budget.

While this model is indeed affordable, it is important to note that is has been subject to some criticism, in which it has been suggested to break down and see a drop in quality after considerable use. In saying that, it is hands down the best option available within this price range – making it absolutely perfect for those looking to enter the world of sampling for the first time.

What we liked

  • Very cost friendly
  • Internal Speaker
  • Ease of use

What we didn’t like

  • Low construction quality
  • Lower sound quality than some of the others on this list

2. Pro-Ject Debut

While less known that some of their competitors, Pro-Ject are becoming synonymous with high quality turntables – and the Debut is no different. Built using a simple and minimalistic design, this turntable looks absolutely fantastic – this is further impacted by the extremely high build quality, in which it has been built with solid steel, and finished off with a carbon fibre tone arm.

In conjunction with its extremely high build quality, the Debut also samples at a ridiculous sound quality – ensuring clean, crisp, and clear tones.

The only real negative that I could find with this particular model is that the speed change is completely manual – meaning that you will have to adjust the speed of the music by hand. While this shouldn’t be an issue for those experienced DJ’s, it may pose some issues for those just starting to make their own music.

While this model is the most expensive on the list, we can vouch for its quality. It will last you a lifetime and looks absolutely incredible – both of which are important for those of us who take this business seriously.

What we liked

  • It Looks incredible
  • Great sound quality
  • Durable

What we didn’t like

  • High price range
  • Speed change is manual

3. Reloop RP2000

The Reloop RP 2000 is a fantastic option when we are discussing sampling specifically. It offers professional level quality at a fairly decent price.

This piece of machinery is extremely sturdy and looks fantastic – in which it has been made with durability in mind. Constructed with heavy duty materials this machine will be able to hand absolutely anything you throw at it.

Seriously.It is also essential to mention that this machine samples at an exceptionally high quality of sound. It produces crisp and clear tones, deep and powerful bases, increasing the listenability of your old vinyl records tenfold.

While this model is basic in its approach, it does those basics incredibly well, making it a fantastic option for beginner and experienced DJ’s alike.

What we liked

  • Love the traditional feel
  • Great sound quality
  • Extremely sturdy

What we didn’t like

  • High price range

Value Section


Now I certainly appreciate the fact that cost is ALWAYS going to play a somewhat large factor when choosing a turntable – specifically when discussing one that is designed purely for sampling.

As this type of turntable may be kept at home rather than being constantly thrown around and used for gigs, there are a few certain considerations we can take to ensure we are getting the best bang for our buck.

Choose sounds quality over heavy duty construction quality: Now while this may go against traditional logic, it is important to remember that sound quality is king.

This is further impacted by the possibility of this machine being kept at home for sampling alone. If this is the case, then we can prioritise sound quality over durability because it will be kept in a safe environment at all times.

This will ensure that we get the best quality samples without breaking the bank. I will note, that if you intends to use this turntable at gigs as well, then construction quality should be higher up your list of priorities (and be prepared to pay for it).

Don’t get sucked in by appearances: While a great looking turntable is nice to have, it isn’t essential. A simple looking turntable with great sound quality is your best option when trying to save some dosh.

Don’t get sucked in by features: While it’s nice to have fancy features on your turntable, again it is not essential. Having a turntable that samples well is seriously all you need in this scenario – and nothing else. If the machine samples at a great sounds quality (and that is all it does), then that is fine. Don’t get sucked in paying for features that you will never use.

By following the above tips, you can pick the best turntable to suit your individual needs – in accordance to your individual budget. This will ensure you get the best value for money, and won’t break the bank doing so.



So after taking all of this into consideration, I can confidently say that the Reloop RP 2000 offers the best turntable for sampling specifically. It looks fantastic, is extremely durable (seriously, the thing is a BEAST), and samples at an extremely high quality of sound.

As an added bonus, the RP 2000 won’t break the bank, coming right in the middle of our price ranges.

The RP 2000 is suitable for both advanced and beginners, and can literally be taken anywhere – it will be able to handle anything you throw at it AND will last you a lifetime. Well worth the initial outlay as it will keep you making music for years to come.

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