About DIsc Jockey Geek

Hi, and first of all, welcome to!

My name is Graham Aubrey, and I am the owner, director, editor, and content creator here at With this, I am also a self-proclaimed audiophile who has also had the pleasure of acting as the resident DJ for a multitude of clubs in both local and surrounding areas.​


With this amazing experience I have also developed a deep passion for music in all its forms, while also building a love for both vinyl music in its entirety, and the DJ equipment that can work with it.​

While playing and producing music is unquestionably my passion, through my extensive role as a DJ I have also had the opportunity to educate others on the intricacies of DJ equipment and vinyl music –which is something that I have thoroughly enjoyed.​

And it was actually through this education process that led me two key realizations.​


That I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience that I can share with others, in which I can educate them on the various aspects of DJ equipment and music in general.​


In a physical sense, my reach is limited to those who know me personally and are within my inner circle of friends, colleagues, and family.​

And it was through these two realizations that was born, in which I now have the opportunity to help and educate a number of different people on a much larger scale.​

Disc Jockey Geek Logo was founded in the month of June, 2017, with the primary goal of becoming the internet’s authority on all things related to DJ equipment and the vinyl music associated.

With this, it is my personal goal to provide the international music community with extremely high quality information that is both easy to apply and simple to understand – in short, I intend to bust through all the marketing bull that is unfortunately rife within this industry, while also creating a supportive and information driven community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about music in all shapes and forms.​

My Journey

As a young kid I didn’t really come from a musical family – while my parents did listen to music (and really, who doesn’t to some degree) neither of them ever took an interest in learning to play an instrument, or allowing their kids to learn one.

Despite this, I always had a passion for music.

As a child I would hear a song – seriously any song – and start bopping my head to the beat. I loved it. I loved the way the deep bass tones ran through me, I loved the way the music could get me moving, and most of all, I loved how happy listening to music made me feel.​

As I moved into my adolescence I started to listen to absolutely anything I could get my hands on.

And it was about this time I stumbled across the joys of hip hop, rap, and the wonderful world of DJ.

This was music. This had passion. This had feeling.

This had soul.

man on headphone back

I was not long into high school before I was fortunate enough to fall in with a bunch of very like-minded individuals, who not only enjoyed music as I do, but were genuinely passionate about making and producing their own music as well.​

As I progressed through my high school years I purchased my first turntable (to go along with my ever expanding record collection) and jumped head first into producing my own music. During this time I would be the first to admit that my schooling suffered – but it didn’t matter – I had found my passion.​

I started to work afternoon jobs to fund my increasingly large array of equipment, finding joy in the way different turntables felt, and the different sounds that they could make.

As my collection continued to expand, so did my experience. I started to play local gigs – just high school parties to start – and slowly built experience as a house DJ (something that I still enjoy doing more than words can say).​

Since then I have delved head first into the world of music, testing every piece of equipment I could get my hands on while continuing to build on my experiences of playing and listening to music – the cumulative effects of which leading me to the here and now.​

Our Goal

So, with all of this information in mind (and I apologies for all the words!), I want to educate people on what to look for when selecting DJ equipment, taking into consideration their personal preferences and goals, while informing them on the intricacies of listening to vinyl music, and its role music production.

I want you to avoid making the same mistakes that I made while I built my knowledge and experience.

As such, I would love it if you explored every aspect of the website, learning as much from me as you possible can. I truly believe I can help you find what you are looking for, while further improving both your knowledge and music related education in an extremely positive manner.​

Graham Aubrey